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Premium Flour Tortilla Base

Minom premium flour tortilla base combines ease of use with the highest quality ingredients (U.S.D.A. Approved). The Minom process eliminates all guess work in mixing dough with a precise recipe that produces perfect, fluffy, delicious tortillas every time.

We take pride in bringing you only the best organic ingredients. Our customers fall in love with Minom and keep coming back for more. Their raving reviews with flying colors is a testament to our commitment and passion to let our mix speak for itself and leave it up to your pallet to sit back and enjoy the ride. For flour tortillas of unmatched taste, texture and quality, rely on the consistency of Minom.


Features of Minom:


Using MINOM makes tortilla production easy.  Simply add MINOM Flour Tortilla Base to flour, shortening, and water to make the finest tortillas imaginable.  One 2 lbs. pouch and your ingredients will make 43 lbs. of finished dough and over 500 tender and tasty tortillas! You can make this dough by hand or with a mixer.  Never has making tortillas been this easy!


High Quality results every time! With MINOM, your company will be assured of the highest standards because we use only the finest ingredients and we stand behind our product one hundred percent. MINOM Flour Tortilla Base is time and condition tested.


Consistency is the key to a successful product.  The MINOM process is so precise that you will make perfect tortillas every time.  No more guessing at how much of this to put in or how much of that to leave out.  Consistency is our goal and our product proves it.  Just one try and you’ll be sold on MINOM Flour Tortilla Base. 


MINOM Premium Flour Tortilla Base is extremely versatile.  It can be used to produce flour, a flour-corn hybrid and whole wheat tortillas, as well as for dozens of other uses. (Call us for details.)


MINOM meets or exceeds stringent U.S.D.A. guidelines set forth for the food industry. In keeping with our freshness concept, we use natural ingredients and add no preservatives. This is our way of offering the best in product quality and safety for our customers.


With MINOM Flour Tortilla Base you will be glad to know that your money goes a lot further.  Our researchers have developed a way to keep our dough ready to use for 24 hours after it is made  (under standard conditions).  With a 24 hour shelf life, Minom Flour Tortilla Base keeps wasted dough to an absolute minimum.


MINOM Flour Tortilla Base mix was designed with variation in climate and altitude in mind.  The stabilizers we have developed for use in MINOM provide you with a consistent product at any elevation at any time of the year.  MINOM works anywhere you decide to use it.  Give it a try and you’ll see why everyone else is using MINOM Tortilla Base.